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I had been doing yoga for 5 years prior to doing yoga with Morgan. She offers something that I’ve never found with other teachers! Morgan is detailed in how she teaches and really enjoys it. She takes pride and happiness in teaching each student to find their comfort zone while working through each pose.

Stacie Quader
Stacie QuaderYoga Student

Morgan was great.  I was totally new to yoga, a bit overweight and shy.  But Morgan made it comfortable and fun.  I learned a lot about yoga.  Each lesson I noticed improved balance, strength and flexibility.  I always felt relaxed and refreshed after each class, like I could go for a long run.

Sarah RobinsonYoga Student
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Hi!  I’m Morgan Turley

(thank you for stopping by)

If you’re the type of person that does yoga to improve your health and well-being, you’re probably missing HUGE benefits readily available to you.

Most people have no idea how to get truly meaningful results from yoga, even those that have been practicing for many years. I would still be in this same group if I hadn’t discovered a way to get far better results for myself.

Results so good that my chiropractor had to stop calling me an old lady (and at 27 years old… that was definitely a good thing!)  These results, and a better way of yoga, are what I want to give you today.

And there’s a HUGE lack in the market of the type of yoga that provides the type of results I’ve experienced.

I’ve been a yoga instructor (and student) for many years and my students have always wanted me to create yoga lessons based directly on their needs, not some generic flow class.  So what I decided to do is do exactly this… and put it online.  My {yoga club} membership is perfect for those that want REALLY see results and get the full benefit of what yoga truly has to offer.

The {yoga club} membership is a mentorship program to help you completely transform your life through the regular practice of yoga.  I develop lessons based on the feedback and needs of the group to get you the results you’re looking for.  If you’re interested in getting access to a ton of yoga videos for a ridiculously low price… this is NOT the right fit for you (there are plenty of those on the Internet).  If you want targeted videos to focus on results for you… what I have to offer is exactly what you need.

I think what’s most exciting about my {yoga club} membership; I create each lesson based on the input from my members… that’s you when you join!  I hope you join me…

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